Excited to try Anal with your partner? Go for the best lubricants for ultimate pleasure

Posted On: October 10, 2018

In the couples, there is always an excitement to try something new in the sexual life to find some new experiences during the intercourse. If you want to find the new experiences with your partner in bed, there may be lots of good ideas for it. First of all, you can try some of the new positions and you can get the ultimate sexual pleasure by getting more time of foreplay. Some of the couples want to take it to the next level by experiencing some new ideas during intercourse.

If you are reaAgaindy to take the next step in your sexual life, you can go for anal sex as a good option. Most of the people may not find comfort in it for the first time but if you are doing it in the right way, it will work like a magic. It will be good to try some of the best lubes and lotions Australia so that you can find the comfort with your female partner in it.

The perfect way to try anal for the first time:

First of all, it is very important that you can discuss about it with your partner so that both of you agree on it. In most of the cases, male partners are more comfortable in it as compared to the female partner. It is obvious because of the pain that a female can feel for the first time. If you are doing it in a proper way, you can make it very comfortable and pleasurable for your female partner.

It will be good to give more time to foreplay and use some of the good bondage sex toys during it to get more pleasure. After that, you can prepare your female partner to try it with comfort. After the complete excitement, you can use the best quality lubricants to minimise the pain and to make it more comfortable for both of you.

You should never hurry to do it because it will be very painful for the female partner. It will be good to search for a store where you can find these sex toys as well as the lubricants to add to your sexual life for extra excitement. At the top stores like Rocket pleasure Australia, you will be able to get male sex toys as well as a lubricant when you are ready to go for anal sex.

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