How to Enjoy Masturbation more

Posted On: February 19, 2021

How to enjoy masturbation more

Sexual intercourse is often not as satisfying as initially thought. This tends to happen especially the first few times it is done. That is why many women admit to faking orgasms. So what we should ask ourselves is, why does this happen? Answering this question will help us find the solution. Who doesn’t want to increase pleasure?

India and Australia are two of the countries where most people have sex regularly. And, despite claiming to be satisfied with its quality, they do not stand out for being the most pleasurable. And Indians are among those who start having sex earlier, so they should have more practice. 

That is why, unless they resort to experts, like beautiful independent escorts in Melbourne, they do not usually increase the pleasure as they lack proficiency.

Increasing pleasure

Before, during and after sex there are many factors involved in producing and feeling pleasure. And if you don’t believe it you can ask any of the independent escorts in Australia

But the real key for sex is to know yourself and the human body. Not all of us get excited the same way and we don’t stimulate ourselves the same way. That’s why all experts recommend experimenting with yourself and touching yourself to better discover what you like and what you don’t like. This way when it comes to having sex with other people we can get straight to the fun part.

There are some people who feel more pleasure in a specific posture, or in some area of the body, or with some specific movement. So, whether you are going to enjoy having sex with your partner, with call girls from Bangalore or with anyone else, you can tell them what you like the most so that they can satisfy you completely.

How to masturbate

It is very easy to talk about how everyone should explore their own body in order to get to know it, but it is often not easy. Especially for women, the subject of masturbation is taboo. It is seen as something to be ashamed of and considered unbecoming of them.

But nothing could be further from the truth, as it is treated as such, less information is available. But women can feel as much pleasure as men or even more. For one thing specifically, they have something known as the clitoris, which is primarily there to give pleasure. Not to mention the female ability to experience several orgasms more continuously than men.

It is therefore necessary to forget about complexes, shame and other fears in order to become aware of how important self-knowledge is. Not only for pleasure but also for health reasons.

The most sensitive areas are the neck, ears, nipples, below the navel, genitals and feet. The easiest way to start is to watch a porn video to warm up and get into the mood.

Other tips to follow are:

  • Be relaxed and calm, better if you are alone at home, without worries. Just let yourself go. Otherwise, reaching climax will be very difficult.
  • Set the mood as you feel most comfortable. You can use candles, turn off the lights, surround yourself with cushions, and so on.
  • If you want you can help yourself with stimulants, lubricants and even some other erotic toys. 
  • Keep in mind that when you reach orgasm and finish, fluids are expelled from your body. So, to a greater or lesser extent, you may stain something. This makes it advisable to have a towel or toilet paper nearby to clean up afterwards.
  • It is advisable to go to the bathroom before and after masturbation, for hygiene reasons, to avoid infections and subsequent problems.

Now, when it comes to the moment of truth, the techniques and movements you use to stimulate yourself during masturbation are free. The limit is your imagination, but here are a few for you to try and practice. 

For men, it’s easier. All you have to do is hold the penis firmly and make up and down movements without letting go. This can be combined with different rhythms and a little twist of the wrist. The most important thing, however, is to lubricate the penis. Either use your own saliva on your hands or buy a bottle of lubricant. So that everything flows and facilitates all the movements. Meanwhile, you can use your free hand to stimulate, caress or press other areas of the body.

Women have other options. The first thing to do is to caress and feel each part of the vagina: the labia, the clitoris… From here, you can combine a multitude of movements, rhythms and pressures. This is an area with a multitude of nerve endings. So don’t be afraid to play with your clitoris and make circular movements on it. Although you can also insert some fingers or a vibrator or dildo while you do it. Always remember to lubricate, as this will make everything much more pleasurable.

These are just a few tips for masturbation. Apart from getting to know your body and how it responds to different stimuli, it helps you to be aware of your whole body. This way you will know better what you really enjoy and you will be able to communicate it to your sexual partner so that he or she can do it.