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What is the Best Sex Position

Deep Doggy

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To get more out of doggy style, We recommend using a long towel folded into a strip. Feed the sash under the receiving partner’s hips so the penetrating partner can grip the ends and pull their bodies together with each thrust, or more easily pull in for a deep grind. Larger lovers, those with stability concerns, and folks who want to improve their rhythm may especially like this.

We also recommend it highly for those who enjoy strap-on sex, as it allows for powerful thrusting while staying closer, reducing the risk of slipping out. 

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Missionary gets a bad wrap, . You can easily mix up missionary by getting creative with leg positions — either moving them wider or closer together, placing a pillow under your butt to shift the angle.  it's also the perfect position to use a toy for bonus clitoral stimulation. Can't argue with a classic.
3The Do What You Need To Do 

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This is most decidedly not a specific position, but ways to make penetration more pleasurable. 

1. Move around 'til it feels right. “Angle of penetration and how much ‘grinding’ is happening to the clitoral cluster are more important than body position. Shifting hips up or down (using pillows or edge of a bed) and rotating the pelvis downward and upward are ways a woman can change the angle regardless of body position.” 
2. When in doubt, try less of the usual in n' out: “Being on top or pushing back against a partner who is thrusting but ‘staying inside’ as opposed to going all the way in and all the way out are the key ways a woman can control the amount of ‘grinding.’” 
3. Love up your clit: “Adding a palm or fingers or toy to the clitoris during penetration in any position makes it 4x more likely to be orgasmic.”

4The 68 Sex Position 
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The most popular sex position by far is the 68 Sex Position. this twist on 69 which gives the receiving partner the full focus. The receiving partner lies face up on top of the generous partner, knees bent, legs open, with your butt on their chest. Position pillows around your partner so you can hold some of your weight on your elbows and and forearms. “What makes this position awesome is that it focuses attention on the perineum, a super-sensitive bit of skin between the genitals and anus that often goes neglected. 


5The Ohm

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If you have a big belly, this position is for you. Because the giver is entering from behind, the receiver doesn't have to move her tummy away from the action, unless it is to make her more comfortable or to readjust where her tummy and thighs meet. The giver can bend the receiver's legs toward her torso more if his belly is challenging. Also, if the receiver has a prodigious ass, the giver has his hands free to push butt cheeks away from each other, push the outside legs of the receiver up toward her chest to open up the area a bit more, or just enjoy the view and use one of his hands to play with her clit.