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Firefly Pleasure Plug
Illuminate all your under-the-covers fun! Soft and comfortable to use, these tapered TPE plugs are b..
Ex Tax: AU$24.09
INYA Prince
Performance perfection at the tips of your fingers. INYA's Prince - the perfect shape, the perfect s..
Ex Tax: AU$25.39
Firefly Ace III
Find your ACE in the hole with Firefly! Fun and playful, these glow-in-the-dark pleasure plugs are m..
Ex Tax: AU$32.55
Lush Rose
Rose by Lush. An elegant and powerful rechargeable vibrating egg. Made of a velvety soft ABS with si..
Ex Tax: AU$58.23
Renegade Triad Cock Ring
Renegade Triad rings will keep your erection in attention!! Super stretchy silicone rings are ideall..
Ex Tax: AU$24.75
Lollies - Sugardaddy
Meet your new SugarDaddy from Lollies - succulent TPE flexible dildos featuring powerful vibrations,..
Ex Tax: AU$63.09
Firefly Glass Kegel Eggs
Firefly Glass - dreamy, playful and functional. Seductive and enticing, these glow in the dark littl..
Ex Tax: AU$41.98
Jelly Rancher 6'' Vibrating Massager
Savour the good things in life. Ensure your pleasure with Jelly Rancher's vibrating massagers. Featu..
Ex Tax: AU$42.29
Lollies - Tootsie
Lollies introduce fun-sized mini vibes in five delectable designs: Pixie, Tootsie, Smartie, Taffy an..
Ex Tax: AU$32.55
Renegade Men's Tool Kit
Grab a handful of excitement. The Man's Tool Kit is a collection of anatomically designed anal plugs..
Ex Tax: AU$44.58
Firefly Ace I
Find your ACE in the hole with Firefly! Fun and playful, these glow-in-the-dark pleasure plugs are m..
Ex Tax: AU$29.63
Renegade - Pillager III
Raid your booty with Renegade Pillagers! Available in three sleek and masculine designs, these body-..
Ex Tax: AU$31.89
Sinful - Looped Paddle
Sinful Looped Paddle is a vinyl paddle with an attractive 6-inch embossed handle for firm grip - ide..
Ex Tax: AU$32.55
Firefly Halo
Firefly Halos are glow-in-the-dark cock rings made of soft and stretchy silicone for a snug and comf..
Ex Tax: AU$20.19
Colours - Pleasures
Realistic molded penis casted in superior grade silicone. Satin texture provides a more satisfying s..
Ex Tax: AU$55.95