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Love Large
This remarkable `dual feel' extra-large dildo delivers deep satisfaction with its super-realistic te..
Ex Tax: AU$71.55
Love Button
This silky smooth, sensual massager indulges your `love button' with a unique clitoral bead nestled ..
Ex Tax: AU$118.99
Temptest G
G-spot stimulation gets a flat-out makeover with this powerful vibe that ends with a blunted edge. D..
Ex Tax: AU$71.23
Evolved Inferno
This stylish little vibe has a chic black chrome handle that feels like jewelry on your nightstand! ..
Ex Tax: AU$80.65
Pocket Wand
Bullet meets wand with this powerful pocket vibe that gives you the strength you expect from a wand ..
Ex Tax: AU$79.35
Evolved Luminous Plug
Glow in the dark while you experience a mind-blowing orgasm! This large butt plug glows a groovy gre..
Ex Tax: AU$45.55
Pinkie Promise
Keep the promise of body-melting clitoral orgasms with this pinkie-shaped vibrating finger ring that..
Ex Tax: AU$66.35
Pleasure Sleeve Trio With Bullet
This erotic bullet kit lets you choose length and texture according to your mood and desire! With a ..
Ex Tax: AU$42.63
Big Soft Bunny
This big bunny has a soft, cushiony feel that is simply irresistible! Made from super soft squishy b..
Ex Tax: AU$128.75
Evolved Luminous Dildo Mini
Find your inner glow with this luminous small dildo that shines purple through a translucent shaft a..
Ex Tax: AU$44.25
Evolved Glam Squad
Three unique sensations in one versatile toy! Bouncing bunny ears, a pointed open tulip and a classi..
Ex Tax: AU$45.23
Evolved Luminous Dildo
This large luminous dildo has a unique glowing inner core that charges in the light for extra fun an..
Ex Tax: AU$53.03
Bendy Bunny
Choose your adventure with this creamy smooth silicone vibe that bends and flexes to your desire. Cu..
Ex Tax: AU$92.03
On The Dot Super Wand
This is one monster you'll want to tame! With a slightly flexible ball-shaped head made from silky s..
Ex Tax: AU$128.09
Evolved Bottoms Up
Amp up your back door pleasure with this bad-ass vibrating stick that delivers major satisfaction to..
Ex Tax: AU$61.79
Love Harnessed
This shapely strap-on vibe has all the curves you crave for maximum penetration pleasure. With an el..
Ex Tax: AU$104.69
Evolved Sweet Treat
Unlock the key to backdoor pleasure with these heart-shaped silicone beads that graduate in size so ..
Ex Tax: AU$30.28
Power Couple
A simultaneous G-spot & clitoral orgasm is one of the most intensely pleasurable experiences availab..
Ex Tax: AU$100.79
Pretty In Pink
This compact, fully rechargeable bullet packs a powerful punch. Simplicity at its finest with a one-..
Ex Tax: AU$45.23
Bunny Bright
This spectacular light-up vibe adds a stunning glow to your orgasmic experience! When powered on, th..
Ex Tax: AU$90.73
On The Spot
Slick and powerful, this little bullet has a unique flat plane at the tip to hit those sweet spots w..
Ex Tax: AU$65.69
Evolved Sea Breeze Bunny
Discover the unique pleasure of this very soft and adaptable vibe that lets you flex and bend it in ..
Ex Tax: AU$118.03
Evolved Touch & Glow
The only thing that's not life-like about this flexible and firm dildo is the fact that it glows in ..
Ex Tax: AU$61.79
Mighty Mini Plug
This compact, creamy smooth butt plug is perfect for beginners and advanced anal players alike! Lube..
Ex Tax: AU$51.39
Tilt O Whirl
Get ready for a thrilling ride with this toy that waves and spins its way to the top of your nightst..
Ex Tax: AU$137.85
Evolved Trifecta
Discover the most intense and deeply fulfilling orgasm possible - the trigasm! Stimulate three eroge..
Ex Tax: AU$108.59
Summer Lovin'
This ground-breaking vibrator delivers two new sensations that are guaranteed to drive you over the ..
Ex Tax: AU$118.99
Evolved Real Supple Poseable 7''
This poseable `Real Supple' smaller-sized dildo is perfect for realistic hands-free play with its po..
Ex Tax: AU$48.79
Evolved Sparkle
Ride the magical pleasure wave of your favourite fantasy while holding onto a glitter-filled vibe ha..
Ex Tax: AU$71.23
Little Dipper
This compact rechargeable vibe has a unique, fun shape with lots of possibilities! Discreet and powe..
Ex Tax: AU$66.68
Enchanted Bunny
This round-tipped rabbit has the length and girth to deliver deep satisfaction with a unique bendy a..
Ex Tax: AU$61.79
Slip the powerful bullet inside the sleeve and enjoy tantalizing clitoral stimulation that will put ..
Ex Tax: AU$48.79
Evolved Wanderful Wabbit
Two wildly different experiences are united in one extraordinary toy with this ingenious double duty..
Ex Tax: AU$124.19
Evolved Advanced Smart Cleaner
Use Evolved's Smart Cleaner to remove unwanted bacteria, and dirt with its gentle cleansing action. ..
Ex Tax: AU$24.43
Lady In Red
Meet your new go-to bullet! Made from luxurious silicone with a flexible shaft, this petite yet powe..
Ex Tax: AU$66.35
Rockin G
Finally, a toy that pinpoints the absolute best way to stimulate the G-spot! That sensitive patch of..
Ex Tax: AU$128.09
Evolved Red Dream
This dual vibw takes you on a curvaceous journey where the destination is pure pleasure! With two po..
Ex Tax: AU$112.49
Luminous Love Bud
Power meets beauty with this intense wand vibrator that delivers five potent speeds and seven exhila..
Ex Tax: AU$88.45
Evolved Real Supple Poseable 7.75''
This poseable `Real Supple' smaller-sized dildo is perfect for realistic hands-free play with its po..
Ex Tax: AU$52.69
Evolved Dazzle
If your fairy Godmother hasn't shown up yet, this glittery wand will help you create some magic of y..
Ex Tax: AU$74.79
Purple Passion
Good things come in small packages! This petite bullet vibe has a silky smooth texture and seven spe..
Ex Tax: AU$48.79
Sugar Bunny
This beautifully designed silicone rabbit deeply satisfies with 10 powerful motor speeds and functio..
Ex Tax: AU$52.69
Thick & Thrust Bunny
This powerful dual vibrator feels like it has a mind of its own! It thrusts and expands in two tanta..
Ex Tax: AU$127.13
Evolved Straight To The Point
Welcome to the future of clitoral stimulation! This precision vibrator looks so much like a high-end..
Ex Tax: AU$58.23
Come Together
This ''strapless strap-on'' is specially designed for lesbian lovers looking for a creative alternat..
Ex Tax: AU$138.18
Advanced Smart Cleaner
Use Evolved?s Smart Cleaner to remove unwanted bacteria, and dirt with its gentle cleansing action. ..
Ex Tax: AU$27.99
Grand Slam
This powerfully intense vibrator is a guaranteed home run! The thrusting action and twirling beads i..
Ex Tax: AU$120.29
Evolved Lickity Slit
Enjoy the best cunnilingus you've ever experienced with this silicone tongue-flicking vibrator that ..
Ex Tax: AU$85.19
This unique silicone toy boasts a powerful wand massager on one end, and a satisfying bulbous and ge..
Ex Tax: AU$115.09
Evolved Real Supple Poseable 9.5''
This poseable `real supple' large dildo is perfect for realistic hands-free play with its powerful s..
Ex Tax: AU$65.69
Evolved Glitteriffic
Let the good vibrations flow through your whole body as you pilot your glitter vibe to sparkling sat..
Ex Tax: AU$80.65
Purple Haze
This luxuriously soft, silicone vibrating bullet is finished with an erotic lilac colour and shaped ..
Ex Tax: AU$65.69
Grand Beaded Butterfly
This unique dual vibrator features butterfly wings that flutter in tantalising harmony with the bead..
Ex Tax: AU$128.09
Sometimes a woman needs extra power for that ultimate sensation! The robust motor in this traditiona..
Ex Tax: AU$100.79
Evolved Smooshy Tooshy
Give your tooshy a lift with this soft and squishy silicone butt plug that's so flexible it feels li..
Ex Tax: AU$81.29
Rechargeable Slim
This classically shaped slim vibe delivers the archetypal toy experience that belongs on any nightst..
Ex Tax: AU$56.28
Multi-Sleeve Vibrator Kit
Choose your pleasure with multi-sleeve vibrator kit that gives you five erotic experiences in one! T..
Ex Tax: AU$38.73
Double Date
Double dating has never felt this good! A combination of toys that will send you over the edge of bl..
Ex Tax: AU$100.79
Evolved Inflatable G
This unique vibrator harnesses the power of inflation! The creamy smooth silicone shaft slips inside..
Ex Tax: AU$108.59
Rainbow G
Stimulate your P-spot with this sleek, stylish massager that features a colourful light display at t..
Ex Tax: AU$90.08
Evolved Real Supple Silicone Poseable 6''
Poseable, pliable and super soft and squishy, this smaller-sized `real supple silicone' dildo feels ..
Ex Tax: AU$48.79
Evolved Plug & Play
This game-changing butt plug is made from unusually soft and squishy silicone, perfect for anal play..
Ex Tax: AU$112.49
My Blue Heaven
Find your bliss with this true-blue bullet that's powerful and discreet, and measures just a little ..
Ex Tax: AU$45.55
Pearly Rabbit
This big, gorgeous rabbit is as powerful as it is versatile! Made from silky, smooth luxurious silic..
Ex Tax: AU$118.03
Golden Bunny
This creamy smooth rabbit features a stylish rose gold finish that will be the envy of your nightsta..
Ex Tax: AU$99.18
Evolved Put A Ring On it
This playful vibe has an unusual feature that really gives women something to sing about! Aside from..
Ex Tax: AU$122.25
Rechargeable G-Spot
This petite and slim vibe is the perfect discreet companion for any nightstand, and with seven power..
Ex Tax: AU$56.28
This slim bodied toy comes with a powerful secret - a turbo mode that puts your pleasure over the to..
Ex Tax: AU$43.59
If you're looking for earth-shaking power, go on a rampage! We've developed this dual stimulation vi..
Ex Tax: AU$125.49
Evolved Egg-Citment
Which came first, the pleasure or the egg? Find out for yourself with this very powerful remote cont..
Ex Tax: AU$82.28
Cuddle Bunny
This cuddly rabbit is made from luxuriously soft silicone for an erotically smooth feel, and its pla..
Ex Tax: AU$125.49
Evolved Real Supple Silicone Poseable 8.25''
Poseable, pliable and super soft and squishy, this rich brown hued `real supple silicone' dildo feel..
Ex Tax: AU$56.28
Unicorn Power
What's more magical than a spiral-horned unicorn? How about a powerful long bullet vibe with a cream..
Ex Tax: AU$49.45
Evolved Remote Control Egg
Immerse yourself in the exquisite sensations of this fully rechargeable vibrating egg! Not only does..
Ex Tax: AU$61.79
Raging Rabbit
Hitch your fantasies to the powerful holster-style vibe that's as blue as the skies above! With a be..
Ex Tax: AU$96.89