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Kinklab Bondage Tape

Kinklab Bondage Tape
Brand: Stockroom
Product Code: KL303BLK
Availability: In Stock
Price: AU$26.50
Ex Tax: AU$24.09
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KinkLab Bondage Tape makes it easy to rule your domain without dealing with the muss and fuss of complicated knots or buckles. However, its most ingenious feature is that it sticks only to itself. When playtime is over, you don't have to worry because the surface will not accidentally tug skin or hair (or for that matter, the upholstery on your sofa) as it is removed. The only pain your partner will feel during the scene is that which you deal out for your own pleasure - and perhaps theirs. Product Details: - Length: 20 m - Width: 5 cm - Reusable and non-sticky! Safety and Use: Keep a set of safety scissors, such as our Curb Tipped Safety Scissors handy for quick release in case of an emergency. Never leave a bound person on unattended or in the same position for extended periods of time. Not designed for use in suspension or other weight-bearing bondage. Leave room to slide a finger between tape and skin and check bound body parts to make sure they are not cold or numb. Never cover the mouth or nose, or wrap bondage tape around the neck.

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